Saturday, March 5, 2011

Tutorial - Installing resources in photoshop

Installing Resources

Before you begin to do much playing around in photoshop you may find you want to download and install some resources. There are many resources available for photoshop. One of the more popular ones is "brushes".

My favorite resource for photoshop brushes is
 ...I will try to post and make stickies for resources later.

Its pretty simple to install any addons into photoshop. So once you find some brushpacks you like download and save them somewheres on your computer. Make sure they are compatible with your version of photoshop!!! If you see an error when you try to open a brushpack chances are it is NOT compatible with your version.

Most brush packs come in a .zip or .rar file so be sure to uncompress them . Now you are ready to install them. If you have installed fonts you will see its not much different.

Simply click start/run/and type c: in the box

From here you will see a few folders, find the one called Programs Files and open it. Once you are in there you should see a folder for Adobe (the creator of photoshop). Open this folder in there you will find a folder for each adobe product you have installed on your pc. Find the folder for Photoshop and open it, then look for a folder marked Presets(this is where the folders for all photoshop resources are found), and then Brushes. Simply click and drag the brushpacks into this folder from wherever you saved them earlier. The files you add should all look the same as what was already in there. Each photoshop resource file looks a little different.You will not see this file install ..once its in the folder it should appear in your photoshop brushes the next time you open the program.

Brushes are a matter of personal taste, but its good when beginning to have a nice variety to play with. I suggest some abstract, some grunge , as well as some shapes or vectors. You can also make your own photoshop brushes , but we will save that for another day

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